Monday, October 15, 2012

Short part of a story

I haven't been posting in a while because i was really busy and I got caught up with a few things..
I feel like talking about it but i dont know where to start
there are too many things running in my mind.

well let me put it this way, i met this guy through a social networking site.. more specifically i met him on twitter where he kept replying to my tweets and he became a friend nothing more and nothing less, later on we started chatting through dm's on twitter until the day he asked for my bbm pin.. i didnt give it to him at first and he was ok with it we were only friends but then he kept bringing it up and he kept asking for my bbm pin from time to time.. eventually i gave it to him and we started talking 24/7.. i would wake up to his messages on bbm and i would sleep talking to him on bbm.. i never thought that our relationship would grow. but it did.

Well thats the beginning of my story..
i might continue depending on what you guys think and your comments.. But for now i dont feel like writing about it..

I really want to talk to someone about it but i dont know who so i guess i could write about it

For now i'll leave you with this song:
Impossible - Shonetelle

Tell them what i hoped would be Impossible
Falling out of love is hard
falling for betrayal is worst
Broken trust and broken hearts
I know.. I know

Part 23 - its my life

Heey :$
i know its been a really long time:$ sorry for the loooong delay but i assure you that im going to start posting regularly..
I have my reasons for not posting in a while i might share them later..

I'll leave you guys with the post now
enjoy :**

So the next day went by in a blink of an eye, the girls spent most of their time tanning and chatting about random things, while the guys enjoyed their time jet-skiing and messing about.


the girls:

Reem and dalal where still tanning outside, while razzan, jazi and fajer got tired so they went to rest inside.

Reem: Shfech sakta?
Dalal: Im thinking
Reem: aboout....
Dalal: about whats going on, everything is so weird..
Reem: taben el9ij..
Dalal turned and faced reem: Mhmm
Reem: a7is ena there is something going bs madry shno
Dalal: ya3ni shno!?
Reem: madry bs dont you feel its a little weird that jassim came back all if a sudden, and essa from                mcdonalds just popped out of no where..
Dalal: Jassim probably graduated.. its no big deal, and about essa.. accidents do happen
Reem: hmm i dont know..

The rest of the evening was pleasant the girls had fun. It started getting late so all the girls went home as the weekend was coming to an end and all the girls had to go to college the next day.

Once dalal got home she sat with her parents and had dinner then went to her room, took a quick shower and finished up one of her assignments for college. Once she was done she hopped into her creme colored bed. she shivered  once her skin touched the cold bed sheets. She grabbed her phone from the bedside table and checked the latest messages and her twitter account. Most of them were pointless broadcasts and only a few messages that she was too lazy to reply to but one message caught her attention.

Message received from 97******
Hi, its essa.. i know that I said I'll stop contacting
you but is it ok if you add me on bbm.?

Received 2 hours ago.

Why the hell does he want to add me on bbm. Thoughts ran through my mind. I'm in no need of trouble so I'm just going to ignore his message. What could he want from me.. he is probably like most of the other guys but I don’t really know him so I don’t know about that.. hmm he might actually want something or he might know something that he wanted to tell me.. Ugh I think im over thinking the situation I'll just ignore him.

Dalal woke up from the annoying sound of her alarm for her 9 am class. she was too lazy to get up so she snoozed her alarm for 10 more minutes.. when she woke up she rushed to the bathroom did her business then she hurried to her closet and took out a off white dress along with her red tory burch flats and her red balenciaga bag. She applied some blusher and a thick coat of mascara and she was ready to go. she left the house and headed to uni.
in the car she called up razzan and told her to get her some coffee since razzan was already in uni.
once dalal reached uni she headed to the coffee shop and meet up with razan.

they greeted each other and headed to class together.

razan: ouff yala mta ykhalees elclass :(
dalal: hmm.. in 20 mins
razan: abi a6la3 ma at7amal 
dalal: 7ataa ana malaait bs alah y3afee twitter oo bbm
razan raised her phone: my battery died :(
dalal: ekhthay my iphone mn my bag itha tabeen
razan: eee akeed abii
razan took dalal's iphone and started playing games until she received a message 

Message received from 97******
There is something i need to tell you.. and im sure
you would want to know what it is, so could you 
give me a chance to tell you
razzan's face changed and she questioned dalal about it

razzan: dalool
dalal: hmm
razzan: mno ily daz hal message
dalal: ashoof

dalal read the message and she was kind of shocked about it so she started thinking about what essa would want to tell her and why is it that important. but razzan interfered with her thoughts

razzan: dalal shelsalfaa
dalal: laman nkhal9 class agoolich

soon enough they finished their class and decided to wonder around until their next class

dalal: hatha essa.. remember ely in mcdonalds
razzan: enzain shyaby
dalal: madrii 7ali mn 7aliich madrii shilsalfa
razzan: enzain 9ar shay weyaa mara thanya wana madry
dalal: la ma 9ar shay
razzan: dalool 3ady golay la tkhshen 3ani shay please
dalal: walla maku shay and if anything happened you would be the first to know
razan: ok.. btrden 3aleeh
dalal: madry shrayich.. khla9 we'll talk about it later ka jazzi yaya mali khulg ilsalfa tkbar.. please
razzan gave her a look: ok

they sat with jazzi until it was time for them to head to their classes
the rest of the day was fine for the girls..
after their day at uni dalal headed home and started thinking about that message..

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Part 22- its my life

Hello ?!!
i know that its been a really really long time since the last time i posted.. lots of things went on in my life good and bad ;p

inshallaaaa il keep posting at least once a week. Loool mn kithiir ma mn zmaan i didnt post i had to read a few parts of the story to remember :$

i missed you guys a looooooooooot inshalla ma asawy chithy again and i wont leave the world or blogging like this again.

love you guys
aby comments please 3shaan u guys are my motivators and you make me want to keep me posting ;p

enjoy and i hope its long enough

After the guys left all the girls were extremely tiered from the busy day they had with their cousins and their dinner with marzoug, turki and and thari.
Fajour and  jazzi decided to sleep while the rest of the girls were all laying around watching movies in the living room downstairs.

reem: dalool are you going to talk willa lazm nis7ab minich il kalam.

dalal: im just as confused as you are..

razzan: did the mcdonalds dude 3essa answer you?

dalal read out the messege to razzan.

dalal sighed: jassim is in kuwait.

razzan: huuh.. whaat? and how do you know that? who told you? did turki say something? or marzoug?

dalal: sloow down razzan why are you the one thats freaking out when i should be.. wait do you know something?

razzan: ha.. um noo.. what makes you think that?

dalal: razzan pleease if you know something tell me..

razzan: i wish i did. you know if i did i would tell you.

dalal sighed

reem: ok whats up with 3essa? and why did he apoligize to you about mcdonalds what happened?

dalal: when i went with 3laiwi to get lunch we bumped into him and 3laiwi claims that he was staring so he sort of got pissed at me and he started asking me questions so i waited for him in the car. i guess 3essa felt that he caused me a problem or so..

razzan: hmm thats wierd..

reem: whats even stranger is the way 3laiwi acted.. ok its true that he is our cousin oo ma yrtha 3alaina bs shda3wa ive noticed that he makes big deals when it comes to you..

dalal: what is that suppoused to mean..

reem: i dont know but thats what i have noticed.

razzan: hmm.. but what makes you think that jassim is here?

dalal: when we were sitting inside with turki and thari we heared him talking to thari..

razzan: so he might be a different jassim..

dalal: no im sure its him, because when he talked to thari he asked for turki and when thari gave turki the phone he said haak wld 3amik yabeek...

razzan: ooh

dalal: ohwa bl shalaih ba3ad weyahom..

razzan: what and how do you know that?

dalal: lana yom galoola ina byit3ashon 3indena thari kept asking him shfeek ta3al 3adi and stuff..

reem: this is all so confusing..

dalal: uff tell me about it


the guys:

they just reached their chalet......

When they got in they found jassim sitting in the living room playing football on ps3.

jassim: zain ma ba'3aitaw tyoon! malaait mn ilga3da broo7y..

turki: shinsawy ba3ad marzougo moo rathy yhiid razzan. hahaa

marzoug: ithliif zaain, adry feek mi7taar ma 3indek a7ad y7ibik.

thari: baas bas yahaal!! ana 7ady ta3ban baro7 anam

turki: tnaam wla btroo7 tkaalim il7abeeba

thari: ent chub malk shi'3l. ilyom ga3iid oo tnajirna yakhy shfeek hahaa

turki: hahaa madri mazajy chithy ya3ny shasawy.. roo7 bas roo7 kalm il 7abeeba

thari left and went upstairs to the rooms

jassim: tara ana yo3an ma yibtooly shay

marzoug: shoof hnaak.. hatha ilbab waraa fee ma6baakh mnaak aku akil... hahaa roo7 sawliik shay taklaa

jassim: 7aywaan maashi ana a3almiik.

marzoug: ana baroo7 abadl. *he left and went upstairs*

turki stretched his legs on the couch: aakh ta3baaan

it went quite for 5 minutes

jassim: ri7taw shalaih razzan?

turki looked at jassim: ee

it went quite for a few seconds because turki knew what jassim was thinking about

jassim: mno kan mawjood?

turki: taq9iid dalal kanat mawjooda

jassim stared at turki blankly  waiting for an answer

turki: ee kanat mawjooda

jassim took a deep breath and went silent

turki: yom dagait 3ala tharoy kanat mawjooda oo atwaqa3 3rifat ina your back and your bl shalaih.

jassim: shloon?!! shdaraak.., laish ihya galat shaay..

turki: hahaa haady shwaay.. lana yom tharoy rad 3alaik wayh'ha i3tifas shway bs kan 3adi bs yom 3a6ani il telephone gal haak wld 3amik jasom yabeek... ihya ihni 9ij i3tafsat.. tathkir mara gltlik they gave me a ride home oo ilthaahir 3rifat ina ana a9erlik bs ilyom 3rifat for sure..

jassim sighed then asked calmly: so how is she doing?

turki: wala madry bs ilyom la7atht when we mentioned your name 3rifat ina your here i think i3tafsat shway.. but other then that she seems fine.

jassim: ooh

jassim started remembering their past and he was lost thinking about the memorable moments he and dalal had
after a few minutes turki interrupted his thoughts and asked him if he was hungry because just a few minutes ago he said that he was hungry, but now he is saying that he is not anymore.. after that the guys called it a night and they all went to sleep in order to see what tomorrow holds for them.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part 21- its my life

ok so inshalla this post will be long enough;p
oo im going to skip some boring details in order to make the story more interesting;p

oo im going to head straight to the point in the story;p



i went to the bathroom calmed myself down and freshened up, then i went back out only to find everyone outside in the porch.. everyone was busy doing their own thing.. ily ga3id yashwy, ily iysawy il 6awla, ily lahy weya telephona, oo ily ga3deen iysolfoon..

*turki came and interrupted my thoughts*
turki: shlon 3ainich?

dalal: ha

turki: 3ainich? *motioning with his hand*

dalal: ooh right.. la there was an eyelash. i took it out.

turki: ahaa...

weird whats wrong.. why is he acting like he knows something:s
he was still looking at me.. china sar7an ga3ad iyfakir..

dalal: turki.. *motioning with my hands*

turki: ha halla.. *smiling*

dalal: shfeek sara7t..

turki: haha la walla ma.. * marzoug interrupted by shouting*

marzoug: tarook ta3al sa3idny... 5o tharoy lahy iy7achy il 7abeeba oo 5alani ashwy broo7i.. ta3al sa3idny..

turki: *shouting back at marzoug* yalla kani yay.. yalla ana 5al aroo7 asa3ida..

dalal: ee masken ma yinlam 5alaito broo7a..

turki: la walla.. yalla 5al arou7..

so i went to reem who was punching the buttons on her phone..

dalal: mama reem shfeech kisartay il phone..

reem: we3 dalool im3alig ga3ad a7awil asha'3la moo rathi..

dalal: 3a6eeni 5al ajarib..

she gave it to me and i tried but i couldnt get it to work. so we sat there chatting until my phone beeped in my hand indicating a message..

message recieved
sorry but i miss called my number
from your phone before i gave it to
you.. 3al 3moom asif 3al iz3aj oo
inshalla i will delete your number.

i stared at it for a while. thinking why he took my number in the first place, and why is he apologizing now.. what made him say that he will delete my number..

reem: shfeech wayhich gilab?

dalal: hmm

reem: shfeech?

dalal: nothing..

reem: dalal tara a3arfich. golay shilsalfa..

dalal: *handed reem the phone*

reem read the convo from the first message received to the last one.

reem: *looked at dalal with eyes wide open* shilsalfa?

dalal: i dont know.. i really dont know.

razzan: yalla guys dinner time

dalal: yalla imshay.

reem: yalla

They all took plates and filled them with food. They all sat in the porch on the outdoors couches chatting away.

After dinner they all cleaned up then the guys said their goodbyes because it was getting late.

Razzan and Marzog were outside alone while the rest were inside finishing cleaning up.

razzan: i had a great time

marzoug: walla ana akthar 7ayati, gonna miss you

razzan: hahaa 3ayaar

marzoug: *eyes wide open* ana 3ayar.. ta3alay hahaa *grabbed razzan, hugged her and was tickiling her*

razzan: aaah... hahahaa baaas.. laaa hahahaaa 5alaaa9

marzoug: say that you'll miss me 3ashan i stop.. haha

razzan: haahaa baaas i miss yoooou hahahaa

marzoug stopped tickiling her, and now they were both laughing staring at each other.

razzan: 7abeeby akeed i will miss you.. i love you *tidala3 shway cuz she knows he cant take it*

marzoug: a7ibich akthaar ana ta3alay

marzoug pulled razzan closer to him they were both lost in each others gaze. he leaned down a bit towards her neck and kissed it a long and loving kiss.. he lifted his head and looked at her face again. she was lost and holding on to him never wanting this to end.

marzoug: *he pulled away her hair and kissed her forehead* yalla galby lazim namshy. t2amreen 3alla shay.

razzan: salamtik 7abeeby

he pulled away a bit just when the everyone came out..

turki: yalla mishaina.

marzoug: yalla femanilla.. *winked to razzan*

all girls: bye

adry moo long enough bs a7san mn nothing;p inshalla im back and i will keep posting..

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Monday, March 28, 2011


Im so sooo sooooo sooooooo sorry 3alagtkom chithy bs walla i have been EXTREMELY busy..
i had a couple of problems with my health, faj2a i lost a lot of weight, and ive been busy with uni as usual and as u all know mid terms are soo soon;(
inshalla this week i will have written a post..
sam7ooni 3al ta25eer o inshalla it8adroon thiroofy..


Monday, March 7, 2011

Part 20- its my life

i know long time no post but as you all know the past month has probably been veeeeeeeeeeery busy for almost everyone..

il mohim i just noticed that there are two different posts of Part 18 the last one was suppoused to be part 19 but i put 18 by accident..
so enjoy and tell me what you think..


compose message
to +65******
how did you get my number?

just then the we heard a knock on the glass porch door..
razzan: we will talk about this later k. yalla imshay lets go open the door..

While razzan and i were walking to the glass door we could see marzoug, turki and one other guy.. marzoug had a huge smile plastered on his face and he was motioning for razzan "walk faster and open the door" i giggled at him and razzan.. all i thought was allah la iyfareg bainhom.
when we reached the porch glass door razzan opened it and greeted marzoug, turki and the other guy..

marzoug: salam *smile shagagiya* shlonkom??

me and razzan: ahlain tamam..

marzoug: hatha turki t3arfoona moo 3adil..

me and razzan: ee ahlain

turki: halla walla..

marzoug: oo hatha refeejna thari.

thari: salam

me and razzan: ahlain..

marzoug: yalla 5ala9 il7een kilikom t3arfoun ba3ath..*he put his hand on razzan's shoulder chinha wa7id mn il rabe3 and started walking to the living room, talking to her*  ma ba'3aitay to9leen 3ind il bab..haha

razzan: shda3wa ya3ny shno tabeeny arkith..

marzoug: hmm... 3ashani ana ee.. bs itha a7ad thany laa2*wink*

they left me staring at turki and thari..

turki: umm shlonich dalool?

dalal: zaina. inta sha5barik..

turki: mashi il 7al..
*all smiling*

thari: inzain ma ra7 itda5leena..

dalal: haha laa 7ayakum ihnak ga3deen..

we went to the living room and everyone said there hello's..

everyone was chatting and talking about random stuff while i was fidgeting with my phone in my hand and chatting trying to get everything off my mind..

marzoug: haahaay tarook int mn 9ijik ga3at bl dabbaa... ga9aw 3alaik..

tarouk: roo7 zain.. ra7 aridlik iyahaa..

marzoug: ohhooo ana shaku.. shouf jazzi oo dalool.. razzaon imshay injahiz 7ag il bbq barra..

razzan: yalla..

they went to prepare for the bbq.. after a while jazzi and fajour excused themselves to go see if marzoug and razzan need help then take a walk..
so turki, thari, reem and i were chatting in the living room.

thari: uff 3ad hatha ma yir7am.. 7amdilla iny ta5arajt oo 5ala9t..

reem: ee ma ya36y darajat oo wayed iynagi9 3al absences oo il lates..

dalal: ashwa iny moo weyach..hehe

reem: hatha ma7ad iysajil 3inda madry sh6aya7ny 3alaih..

turki: yalla ma 3alaih ma buga shay oo hal course iy5ali9..

* tring tring.....tring tring..*

thari: digeega.. aloo..halla jasoom.. la walla... la i7na ib shaliah razzan..... ee razzan.. laish shfeek... ok.. la ibnit3asha hnee.. ok mashi.. 7ayak... ee laish ma ityee damik il7een bl shalaih.. ok..... tarook hak wild 3amik yabeek..

at this point i was veeery shocked at first when i heard jassim i though it could be anyone but when he handed the phone to turki and told him that he's his cousin.. i cant take this anymore jassim is in kuwait.. and maybe in their chalet.. this is not good.. im going to break down any second not.. noo i cant.. hmmm stop dalal stop yimken i heard wrong maybe his name is not jassim..

turki: halla... ee shouf 7a6a ib sayarti ......... 3al 6awla ily bl 9alla... ok 7abeeb jasoom.. femanella

my eyes were all teary by now by remembering all the good times with jassim.. im sure thats him because he is friends with marzoug and his other friends and turki is his cousin..
reem was looking at me confused.. because she doesnt know that, that was my jassim.. well not any more..

turki was saying something to thari but they both looked at me confused when
reem said: haw dalool shfeech?

dalal: haa laa2 maku shay.. bas aku shay dash ib3ainy..hehe *trying to pretent that nothing is wrong*

reem: ooh ok 5al ashouf..

dalal: ha... laa2 laa2 il7een ana arou7 oo ashofa..

mali 5ulg akamil hal post sorry
walla i have lots of essays due this week